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...with the ultimate purpose of recreating of the art of making the fluted-back vihuela as is so explicitly manifested in one of the finest surviving instruments of this kind, made by the Belchior Dias, Lisbon 1581

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My most recent projects:

Fluted-back Dias model vihuela with African blackwood back ribs
5-course baroque guitar with kingwood sides; neck and peg head veneer

'Dias model' vihuela with African blackwood back ribs, SL 59cm

5-course baroque guitar with kingwood sides, SL 68cm


Fully-featured reproduction of the Dias vihuela, SL 66cm

'Dias model' vihuela with African blackwood back ribs, SL 56cm



The Vihuela and Guitar Crossroads: looking for evidence

(a series of articles dedicated to the study of the vihuela and its close historic companion - the guitar):

The Belchior Dias 1581 Vihuela (notes to the drawing and other observations)

Essential for those wishing to make an accurate replica of this unique instrument!

Do Regimento dos Violeiros 1572: an important 16th century document on the vihuela construction

The Royal College Dias - guitar or vihuela?

Roses in late 16th – early 17th century vihuelas: some thoughts and ideas

ANJO COM VIOLA – a unique 16th century representation of the vihuela from Abrantes, Portugal

The Quito vihuela

Rose of the E. 0748 'Chambure' vihuela

Vihuela grande

* * *

St-Petersburg's "vihuelas"


Listen to three versions of Mille Regrets by Narvaez 1 2 3 played by Rob MacKillop on the vihuelas in F, in E and in G (my first fully-featured reproduction of the Belchior Dias vihuela, made in 2004; see below) accordingly.


Fully-featured reproduction of the 6-course vihuela by Belchior Dias, Lisbon 1581

Listen to the sound of this vihuela, as played by Rob MacKillop: Fantasia VIII (book IV) by Fuenllana

For more detailed analysis of the Belchior Dias vihuela see: The Belchior Dias 1581 guitar - vihuela.

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